We at Holyland Grocery & Deli carry different food products from all over the world but mainly Middle eastern items. All our Meat and food products are Halal and we sell Beef, Lamb, and Goat meat.

You can’t miss the rotisseries behind the counter at our restaurant within Holyland Grocery Store. One is stacked with chicken for shawarma sandwiches while the other holds a mix of beef and lamb that’s basted with melting fat as it cooks. besides excellent shawarma sandwiches, the restaurant makes an array of items, including falafel made nutty with sesame seeds, kifta kabab, the skewers of ground beef and lamb and full medames, the fava bean dip. Everything is very good, and the plates and takeout containers all but overflow. Vegans and carnivores alike will be satisfied here. The restaurant has a few tables for customers dining in, many take their orders to go.