Starlight Finger Hookah Coals


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This is a 1 kilogram bag (1000g) of Inhale Natural Hookah Charcoals. These charcoals are “fingered,” meaning they are all of a uniform, 6-inch long cylindrical shape that can be easily broken down into smaller pieces for your hookah bowl.Much like other natural hookah coals, these coals can be placed on a hot stovetop for about 5 minutes until they are ashy white and are ready for your bowl. Odorless and clean burning, each 1000g bag will net you about 50 smoking sessions.Starlight Hookah Charcoal made from top quality of orange charcoal,coconut shell charcoal and bamboo charcoal.It carries wide variety of shapes of charcoal,include tablets,cubes,sticks etc. to fit any taste of tobacco,both quick lighting and natural charcoal


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